Roxy: Taking a chance

I heard about there being some sort of mission, the only thing is that I was running a bit late. But I am willing to take that risk, why not? I write myself into the group, and appear somewhere near the back.  It was very windy where we were, I looked behind me and realised that I was feet away from the ledge, ahh. I step a it futher away and accidentally back into the people standing at the back, who didn’t look very happy that I had interrupted them so rudely. As they were all looking at Crystal and deciding what to do next. Luckily my embarrassment didn’t last long as I saw Angel coming the other way.

“Um…hello? Hey, guys, um…I’m a bit lost. Could you possibly help me?”

I waved at her, “Hey Angel, over here!” 

We had always been friends, despite the fact that she is a lot higher than me. I have always been slow so she was always ahead of me, but she didn’t boast about it. She smiled at me and walked over,

“Got lost did you?” I said, while flicking my long blonde hair out of my eyes.

“Well you know me Roxy…”

But just then we were interrupted by a babbling noise coming from nearer the front of the group. I rolled my eyes at Angel; 

“I hope it’s not going to be like this all the time when we are tring to make decisions” she says worried.

The End

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