A Lost Angel

I was lost. Trust me to get lost. I mean, one minute I had been observing movements in The Bunker and the house that some call Trapped, but the next minute I walked into this darn wood. Seriously, Angel, how can a person do that? To be more exact, how can a Mercenary do that? I mean, I’ve been in the Protagonize world a fair amount of time now, so I shouldn’t be getting myself lost!

To be honest, I’m not much of a Mercenary, actually. I’m too kind; I rather try not to get into fights, instead of the other way round and I hate to offend people…Though I often do by mistake…It’s why I have no confidence left- I’ve hurt far too many people in the past…

I stopped for a second and looked round; nothing-except trees-was near me. I used a grubby ‘paw’ to push my scruffy thick black (and often tangled) hair out of my face. It was never meant to have a fringe-but my hair often has other ideas…

After wandering round for about half an hour, I suddenly saw a group of people nearby a large-and very daunting-gorge. I cautiously walked up to them, but after seeing a few familiar faces, like Spook and Chimerakiller, I sped up to see what was going on.

“Um…hello? Hey, guys, um…I’m a bit lost. Could you possibly help me?”

The End

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