Dotty: Wow that's windy

Chimera overtook me on the way up and yelled back down that he could here music.  I could hear it too.  It was a flute.

'Hey its a little windy up here.'  I was only a few feet below him so I heard the voice above address him.  I used my last bit of strength to pull myself over the edge of the cliff and sit down.

'Anyone need some rope?'  I yelled back down.

'Not sure.  Send it down anyway.'  I slowly unravelled my rope letting it fall to the floor.

'I'm coming up.'  I felt tension on the end of the rope as someone pulled against it.  Don't drop the rope.  Whatever you do, don't drop it.

'Hey.  Who are you?'  A girl with really long black hair came and held out her hand to me.

'I'm Dotty.  I would love to shake your hand right now but,'  I indicated the rope, 'I'm a little tied up right now.'

'Can you give me a hand up?'  M had reached the top of the cliff face and was holding out his hand so I could help him the last bit of the way.  I took one hand off the rope and gave it to M and pulled him over the edge and onto firm ground.  'Thanks.'  I stood up properly and was almost pushed back down again by the wind.

'You weren't joking when you said it was windy were you.'

'As if I would joke.'  Chimera looked hurt but I think he was just pretending.

The End

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