Chimera: Monkey skills

I reach halfway point of the wall and suddenly I snap out of my daze realizing where I was.  I'm climbing up a rockface and well I think this pace is slow. I scooch off to the left where was a little less handholds. I Wedge my hand into a small crack that ran up the rockface and begin to climb up quite fast once the crack was to small to wedge my fingers into it I jump up and grab a small ledge and pull my body ontop of it.  I was above everybody now , and was freeclimbing no ropes. I grab the next ledge until I begin to hear the sounds of a flute. I hang one handed off the ledge.

" Oi you hear that?" I shout down

" Hear what?" One of them responds but I'm not sure who it is.

" Its a flute someone is up here.  I doubt that it would be anyone hostile but if you don't hear from me well then its obviouse."  I shout down get up the last few meters.I hadn't taken much notice of how clear the other side of the gorge was until I got up here. Not a tree in site which meant no resistance agianst the wind.

" Hey its a little windy up here , just be al little careful." I say then turn around the flute had stopped playing and from behind me a female voice said.

" Hello there Chimera." 

" Who , what , oh hey." I say while looking a little on edge.

The End

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