Crystal: I love having my Books

"Mmm" I mummer to the bookworm. "You think they'll notice?"

The bookworm rawrs which was probably a bad way to answer cause it makes them begin to climb the cliff surface all the quicker.

The bookworm begins to get annoyed. I take one of the blank books I wrote in and throw it up allowing the bookworm to capture it in its mouth.

Its hard to stay on it head.... or close to it anyway.

"Crystal!" I look down at M and the others who are staring at me shocked. "What are you doing?"

"Feeding the bookworm books so it wont eat me" I say, leaning forward.

"Uhhhh, Why the hell did non of us think of that?" Chimera says looking round at everyone.

"Cause I'm the only one that bothered to look into all the books.... Basically you should have revised more" I vault the bookworms head tossing a book in the air so it won't eat me.

"Where did you get all the books from?" asks Spooks.

"Wrote them in" I clap my hands together. "Now how we getting up"

I look up at Dotty climbing and groan. "Yep more climbing" Someone scoffs sarcastically.

The End

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