Dotty: Down

'OK then, I'll go next.'  I walked over to the bit of the gorge I thought was best for climbing.

'What are you doing?  We don't have a rope!'  M said as I lowered myself over the edge, finding my first foothole.

'Don't worry about it, I can go without.'  And then I started my descent.

'You're mad, you do know that.'  Someone shouted down to me.

'I know, don't you just love it,' I joked.  I  felt my foot slip and suddenly my whole body fell towards the bottom of the gorge.  I held on tightly with my fingers to the tiny ledges they had ben holding as my legs flailed around trying to find something to stand on.

'Dotty!  Right foot a bit more to your left.'  A voice from down below yelled up at me.  Sure enough the voice was right and I regained control over the situation.

'Thanks!'  I yelled back.  I decided that I should probably concentrate for the rest of the way down and I could feel the rest of the group sigh with relief when both my feet were back on the ground.

'So what's down here.'  I don't think anyone could have answered me that, it was kind of dark and I don't know if this was just me but I couldn't see much.

'I'm not sure, but we need to get across to the other side of the gorge.'  Cyrstal said looking at her book.  'This isn't shown on here and I don't know if there's anything waiting for us so I suggest we get moving quickly.'

The End

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