Crystal: Equiptment

"I would have preffered to parachute" I say watching.

"We don't have a parachute" Chimera says.

"We can write it in" I say. "Just like we could have wrote a bridge"

Everyone turns and gawks. "You're serious?"

I nod and everyone groans. I shrug and begin to reread the book telling us the path. "Oh, seems after the canyon is the storm land and in there are snakes that can electrocute you"

"Ouch!" The sound echos from the bottom of the canyon.

"Uh, Chimera. You just dropped Spook the last metre" I say. "And lost the rope"

"Oh, crud" He says.

I write in a paraschute. "See you at the bottom" Then I run and jump off. Realising the paraschute after a while so I land on my feet.

The End

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