Chimerakiller: Climbing?

No one listened to my critcism about the tree until Dotty said we would need to lift it.

" Yeah we aren't lifting one of those fallen tree's without losing it into the gorge. 2 we have no equipment to bring it down safely or at all. All you adventures must have some rope you are afterall adventures right. I have  some as well and," I look over the clifface seeing beginer level climbing all the way to the bottom, " We've got some beginer lever climbing to the gorge bed.  So that brings me to this question are you afraid of hieghts, anyone?" I ask. 

Everyone stared at me blankly.either they never climbed before or they where terrified of hieghts, or maybe they thought I was insane which was a really good possiblilty

" Please tell me none of you are afriad of hights."

The End

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