Dotty: 250!

As the rest of the group studied the trees to see if they would be tall enough to make a bridge over gorge I looked at my book, the one I kept everything I had ever written in. 

Then I noticed the number at the bottom of my last post, the one that had brought me to this adventure, and my heart skipped a beat.  Suddenly I began to glow, my head started to spin as the light got brighter and brighter.  Then siddenly everything was normal again, except I felt different, I'm not quite sure how I was different but something had changed.

'Hey guys, I did it. I got 250!  I've done 250 posts, I'm an adventurer now!'  I tried desperately to look at myself.  'Do I look any different?'  I obviously didn't but I got a few claps on the back and congratulations, people were more occupied by the trees.

'I think they'll reach,' M said looking up at one if them.  'We'll have to bring one down to know for sure though.'  All of us set about trying to bring down the tree closest to the gorge.

'If you don't mind me saying, how are we going to move this tree?  It might well fit across the gap but we may need to lift it so it will hold and there aren't that many of us.'

'We'll cross t-'

'Don't say it Lilac.'  I frowned.  I wasn't sure if the two of us were going to get along which was a shame, I normally got on well with other people.

The End

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