I took out my iPod, and jammed the earbuds into my ears. "Tell me when you've reached a decision." I grabbed my stick in both hands, and hacked at a tree, thinking hard about the problem.

"One day you're going to kill someone." someone muttered. I turned around, and saw Spook chuckling. I shoved my iPod back into my pocket.

"One day that might be you." I retorted darkly, my anger provoked, which, combined with my black sense of humour...

"Mercenaries are always so dark, aren't they?" she asked.

"I guess so. But you shouldn't be worrying about them in general, because there's one whose stick is going to be very firmly positioned in accordance with your back for the entire journey."

"You're starting to scare me, Lilac." Element chuckled. "And you don't want to offend Spook, do you? But back to the problem. How're we going to cross it?"

"Let's make a bridge." I joked. "How tall are-?"

"Wait..." Spook ignored my jibes. "Can we build some sort of bridge?"

Crystal frowned. "How does one make a proper bridge?"

"I know!" I started, but Dotty gave me a death look.

 "Do you think these trees are very tall?" M asked, looking at the lattice of branches that I had hacked at with my stick, now hanging like strips of flesh from a carcass.

"Tall enough, I would think." I said, forgetting the joke I was about to make.

The End

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