Crystal: I hate being First

I write myself straight into the world. Of course I get first words at the moment being fastest to me.

I sigh landing unscathered. Other people arrive, a couple stumble and I wait calmly leaning against a tree.

"Right" I say clapping my hands together when everyone arrives. "We head east"

I my hands, which are pressed together, to the right.

I walk slowly. Everyone stays behind me so I bring out my book and write them so they stand in front of me. I sigh calmly.

I hate formality. I need calm, equality. I don't like being treated different weather it be lower or as some snob writer.

Dotty walk up to stand next to me. "Hate the formality right?" She says turning her head to look at me.

"Of course, I always hate difference. I mean sometimes we need it but just because someone has a title doesn't make them better. Sometimes they don't earn it, sometimes they do" I shrug.

"Where we have to pass through first?" Dotty asks. I see others turn to listen.

"Well, seeing as this story world is totally fixed by Protagonize.... we have to passed through the land of....."

I look down the book then curse.

"What?" M asks.

"We have to endure two hours of the storm land. I hate this place. Theres a reason I don't come here" I mutter pouting.

The End

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