Chimerakiller: Arragant

I finish the final vial creature off, its a chimera not the greek one but a virus that takes over the body and tries to destroy the human race.  My phone rings its evangraham a daredevil.

" Oi chimera where the hell are you?"

" chimerakiller don't say two it has no ring to it. I'm in the alternate reality of resitance fall of man."  I say.

" Your going to be late."

" For what?"

" You know the meeti.."

" Oh right, I'll be righ there!" I close the silver metal phone and write myself to the meeting.  Greatest thing about being a protagonizer you can write yourself into places.  I walk into the crowd some people knowing my rank and either respecting it or fearing and some just look at me in disgust. Sure we are arrogant but they will all understand why when they become a swashbuckler.   I find evangraham.

" Lets go find the others."

The End

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