Crystal: Late

"Ahh!" I scream as I stumble. "Ouch!"

I jump up and race through the forest. My bag swings at my side. It contains books, writing journals, pens, pencils and a laptop.

Thing that I often use. I love writing. I feel my phone buzz and flick it open.

"What?" I shout.

"Um, uh. You're late" Fish stutters. Her full name being Fishgirlreturns (Do not ask me why)

"Yes, I know I'm flipping late" I shout. "I'm close now"

"Oh, okay" Fish mumbles. "See you in a bit?"

"Yes" I say then snap the phone such shoving it back into my pocket.

Stupid story. I love writing but M is going to kill me for being late never mind everyone else is going to be angry.

I come out into the camp. "Sorry I'm Late" I shout.

M turns and he strides over to me. I stop and look down at my feet digging it into the ground nervously.

"You're late" M says sternly. I see Fish trying to get to me through the crowd. But rarely being a hothead at the moment no one takes her seriously.

I look at M and roll my eyes. "Yes, I know I'm late I just apologized for it" I say.

M grinds his teeth. "Okay" I say stepping round him. I pull a book out of my bag as I do so and flip it open.

"Where are we on plans?" I say getting my pen out ready to write.

The End

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