The journey for the 10,000 pages

In the world of Protag, a group of all ranks seek to become Immortals

In the kingdom of protagonize, people evolve like catterpillars. Every birth is to a lackey, and every death is to another kind of protagonizer. Only one form is so great is defeats the only certainty in life, the immortal.

To become an immortal, a protagonizer must be all that they can. Complete every task to thier best ability and have fun along the way. Each victory is rewarded with the evolution chain. From Lackey comes Hothead, a parents worst nightmare as it is a little child who thinks they know it all and therefore should get what they want. But after this hazy time comes tough patches, the gambler and daredevil stages defeat many and end thier lives prematurely. But sticking it through until the end is rewarded by instant Mercenery combat training followed by a burning desire for adventure.

As the protagonizer reaches the seventh stage, a swashbuckler, the regain thier Hothead ways but have thier new skills. A deadly combanation.

We reach the last stage that anyone has reached, only one person. The argonaut. Mighty in the navy and mighty at storytelling, they are close to immortality.

Nobody knows if Immortality comes next, if that person survives the Argonaut phase in life, we will know.

Millions try to aspire to become it, millions fail. But, failure is not in the vocabulary of a band of protagonizers. They are a mixture of young and old, but have one key element, the Argonaut!

The End

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