"Damn it!" I said, throwing the Food-a-tron across the kitchen, or at least, makeshift kitchen. We didn't use kitchen's anymore, and although I knew how to cook, I have to say I liked being able to just type what you watned into a computer and have it pop up piping hot or freezing cold before your eyes. The only thing was when it stopped working. "Why can't we just go back to stove's and refrigerators?"

"Because then we'd need to learn how to cook, and that's too hard," said Jared, entering the room behind me.

"Good morning," I said, pecking him on the cheek.

"Oh, you got a letter yesterday," he said.

"Thanks for the notice,"

"You came home late! Not my fault!" I picked up the manilla coloured envelope and looked at the front.

To: Mrs. Felicia Jones

From: Anonymous

"Look Honey! It's a love letter!" Jared laughed from the kitchen as I slit open the envelope. I tipped out he hologram that was the letter. "Read," I said.

The letter blabbed on about things like how the world was in trouble, we needed help, blah, blah, blah.

"Finally, Mrs. Jones, we ask you to accept this special offer just for you! A select group of people are being chosen to participate in a way to help our planet. Please note that if you do not accept, there will be conse-"

"Stop!" I said to the letter before it could go further. I grabbed the 5D letter and started reading it.

"There will be consequences. Death, to be exact. You have been invited to The Island of Light. After you read this letter, a van will appear infront of your house within 30 minutes. If you do nt leave with the van, then all of your family will be harmed, that is  promise. Now, we invite you to get ready and be at your front door withing 30 minutes!

Thank You,

The Government 2.0."

2.0? I thought. I dropped the letter and ran to our bedroom while Jared was turned the other way. I quickly took a bag out of the closet and packed some clothes, a tooth brush, and a hair brush. I had no idea where I was going. I went to the window, glad that we lived in a bungaloo. I still had 2 minutes before the van came. I tossed my bag outside and came back to get a piece of paper to write Jared a note.

I love you, but I had to leave. It's complicated, but I have to. I love you.


I followed my bag out the window just as soon as the van pulled up. I ran to it and the door opened.

"G'morning Mrs. Jones. Welcome to the beginning of your new life!"

The End

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