Jenn Gares

Jenn woke up, looking at the . . . THERE'S NO CELLNG! She shouted in her mind. She looked around at her surroundings, there was nothing but her bed in the middle of a jungle. Then she remembered.

Jenn had been chosen to live on the mysterious island with two suns, called The Island of Light. She was forced because she was framed for murder and then sent to prison . . . which lead to here.

Jenn got up and yawned, her Jet black hair swishing back and forth, she wouldn't be alone for long. The ruler of england was said to be on a list of people who the U.S would kidnap, or in there words "Give a free visa."

The year was only 2040 and the U.S had concered a lot of the world. At least they we're some what like the greek. They had goten way too much power in 2030 when the U.S was so perfect that 3/4's of the world tried to move there, making the U.S the ruler of almost everyone. And like always, the rulers got power hungry.

"Today is gonna be long!" Said Jenn Gares 


The End

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