President of England

Hello. My names Amy.
And I am the first president of England. My role consists mainly of waving and loving my people.
I live in 20 Drowning Street with all my servants. Jared is one of my servants, he is most loyal.
I do have a trick why I got to be president:


You see, I have diabetes. I tell them my story and they cry. Anyway today....

'What are we doing today, Jared?' I asked him.
He looked at his paper on the green clipboard,
'Waving. Again.' He said. We smiled at each other. I know I shouldn't have thought these thoughts but I realised that I really did like Jared, even if he is a bit short.
We walked together to the opentop limo. He opened the back door for me and got in the drivers seat, smiling all the while.
I leaned out the large, tinted window to smile and wave at my people. I laughed when a man showed me his shirt saying: I LOVE MISS PRESIDENT!

We headed for the motorway. Wee! went we down the fast lane. Then a policeman stopped us...

The End

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