I wandered around the village, searching for my home. It seemed as if I always forget where it is, no matter how many years I've lived there.

"Sunny, have you lost your house again?"

"No." I lied, but Rose saw right past it.

"Really?" Her red eyebrows raised in question.

"No." She nodded then began to walk. I followed her pink dress, until she came to a stop in front of a yellow flower.

"Here we are. Now, don't forget it, again. Or we'll have to place you with someone, and you won't be alone."

"But I want to stay here!" I whined. I hated sharing with more than myself. It was horrible. I liked to get sleep, but when I had others, I just couldn't.

"Then please try to...remember."

"Okay." Rose hurried away, she had more important duties than to look after the crazy princess. 

That's what they called me 'crazy.' I really didn't mind it. Sometimes I was a bit awkward and weird. I often forgot where I lived, or where we were. But I still was their princess. They should treat me with at least a little bit of respect.

The End

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