The Island of Hybrid Humans

An island full of wierd tribes of half-humans (:

"Well, that's...that's...just genius!" I beamed causing the constructers buttered smeared lips to wrinkle into a smile. He sure was one smart egg, and by the looks of it was actually largely compossed of actual egg. "I want this project complete, lickety split...get going!"

He bowed his bun hat and formally left my throne room. All was silent before I turned to my cereal butler. He was made of different cereals and help together by thin honey skin. He was made of cereal and nothing more but still retained a cereal box shape. "Cereal Butler. Go tell the eco nuts that the deal is off. We need that forest cutting down for this project"

"Eco nuts?" cereal butler stammered. The poor fool was awfully politically correct

"Those high fibre nuts and seeds that want to protect the baked bean forest" Cereal butler nodded and left leaving me alone to pace my mighty throne room. It was made entirely out of compressed salt and pepper grains and kept upright with the most delicious of golden honies.

After climbing several stairs I found myself atop my teapot castle which overlooked the tea cup houses and the beautiful sea which surrounded us. I looked down at our crackling city fire where the raw infants were cooked to perfection; an old harmless tradition.

I grew worried when the relevant story popped in my head. My knights who wore the impressive bagel hats returned one night with information that they had found sacred fire deep in Baked Bean Forest near the mighty volcano that blocked our view. Nobody knew what was other there and nobody dared venture.

If we cut down this forest would we found out how the fire got there? Would we find things we couldn't explain? The age old question of kings came into the equation. Where we alone on this island?     

The End

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