Trixie: Waking up... For Good

It was late at night when I finally came to my senses and was able to actually stay awake. Ember had her head on the desk next to me and was fast asleep. I pushed the hair out of her face, something that I wouldn't be able to do if she were awake. I sat up and winced slightly. Trying really hard not to disturb Ember I slipped my bare feet out from under the covers and on to the floor. Surprisingly I was able to stand. I walked to the door and opened it slowly and quietly. I smiled at Ember who was peacefully sleeping then walked out into the night.

It felt so good to be back outside. The cool air blew my hair into my face as I walked down to my favorite spot on the beach. I sat on the sand until dawn. That's when I stood up and walked back to the imfirmry to wake Ember up. That is.. If she was still asleep. Ember was quite the early bird. I smiled as I opened the door.

The End

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