Seran: um...

            Ember took a cookie and loved it. That was good. Now I'm in a room with a sleeping girl name Trixie. "I'm going to go find someone else to give a cookie to." I said leaving five cookies on the table and the glass of milk. ~Ok.~ came Trixie's answer to my astonishment. "You can talk to me too?" I asked dumbly. ~Yes.~ Trixie replied. "Wow. Well I'll be back." I said again. ~What ever.~ Trixie I could tell was bored and kind of asleep. Well, not kind of. Totally.

            A few minutes later I walked into the dorms and found a door cracked open. I poked my head in. "Want a cookie?" I asked the girl in there. "My name is Seran."

          "Sure." said the girl utterly bewildered. "Thanks." She took a cookie.

"Um..." I said uncomfortably. I can waltz up to any one of Ember's friends, but when it's someone I don't know and Ember doesn't know I get really uncomfortable. Why? I asked my self. Why? Maybe this girl is friendly. Or maybe she needs a friend...

The End

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