I walk down the corridor. Footsteps behind be catch my attention, "Hey, wait up."

I turn around to him, "Oh, hello again," I turn back around.

He catches up with me, panting a little. "How come you didn't freak out when you turned into a weasle?"

"Yeah, 'cause that doesn't happen to me often," I mutter under my breath.

He looks at me, his eyes widening, "Tha- You've changed before?"

"Into a weasle? Nah, not me. I've turned into a dungbettle before... that wasn't my best day..."

"How? Are you a shapeshifter?"

"A shapeshifter?" I laugh. "No, not me, shapeshifter," I shake my head in amusment. 

"Then ho-"

"I can 'borrow' other peoples' powers. It can be messy sometimes..."

"You mean like when you.... um... blew up?"

"I didn't 'blow up,' I caused an explotion, they're different things."


"Yeah, I'm Ash by the way." I smile.

"How adpt. I'm Grif."

"Hello, Grif," I hold out my hand.

The End

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