Ash: Just and average day... for me.

"A-A-Are you-"

"A weasle? Yes," I squeak, feeling very small.

"Wh-Why are you a weasle?"

"I dunno... can you shapeshift?"

"Yeah... why?"

"That'll be why then, if you excuse me," I continue to squeak, a little too high for my liking. I hold my clothes in my little hairy mouth and try to trot away, with all the dignity I have left.

I just about reach it to a changeing room styled place, alone, when I change back into my sixteen year old body. I gag, Hairball. Ew.

I quickly get changed into the clothes - which have been mended - hurrah.

For anybody else, this would be really weird. I mean, who else can turn into a weasle - when shapeshifting isn't your power - and get away with it. Sort of. Ish. I really didn't get away with it, did I? No. Thanks for the imput. Great, I'm a craaazzzy girl, having one of the weirdest in her head monologs.

I walk out wearing black jeans and my flannel shirt - at least that didn't perish. The shapeshifter is still in the other room, I decide to explore this weird, prison. Today's been rather boreing really, I mean c'mon. S'not as if me changing into another creature hasn't happened before.... That was rather amusing. Mum had to hide me from our crazy-ass villiage people. I think tomyself, as I stroll down the corridor.

The End

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