Rosalie: It's Not Fun Any More...

After pointlessly sitting on the lonely beach, I walked back to my dorm, carrying my shoes on the way so I could feel the cold marble floor on my feet. Like a hospital. I didn't have nice memories in a hospital. 

I pushed my key into my door when I heard someone, I quickly turned my head in the dark. A girl stood there, Jenny. 

"Oh, Jenny you scared me! Hi!" I smiled, walking towards her. 

"Oh...hey Rosalie." she mumbled, walking around me to her bedroom door. 

"So what are you up to?" I asked happily, turning around as she opened her door and walked in. 

"Nothing." she slammed it in my face so my hair wooshed behind me. 

"Okay...maybe later then!" I called. Who was I kidding, later? More like never. I slumped back to my bedroom and opened the door, leaving it open a crack and throwing my shoes on the floor by my bed. 

I fell onto it, pulling the cover over me and crawling into a ball. You'll get some friends, I know you will, I tried to persuade myself.

Yep. I sure will...

The End

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