Just Call Me a Super-Freak (Sandra)

I was already a few miles away from the shore, flying through the air when I heard a huge explosion behind me. I fought the curiosity to circle back just to get a look and make sure everything and everyone was fine.

I knew it was a newer girl to the island, Ash. She was alive. Someone had already gotten to her. She will be fine. I have to keep going.

I have to get out of here. It's only a matter of time before... no, I'm not going to think of that right now.

Even as a bird, the thought had my heart racing and my breathing coming too quickly. As a bird, it is dangerous to get too worked up. My heart could literately burst, and I would be as dead as a door nail before you could say the name of my favorite band, There for Tomorrow.

Stay calm. Get back to the States. Stay calm. Get back to the states. Stay calm. Get back to the


Ow.... What the heck was that! Why do I ask myself these idiotic questions? I already know the answer.

A bullet just whizzed by my head. Why the heck would anyone want to shoot at an endangered bird? Okay, I know the answer to this too. Being a Know-It-All really takes all the fun out of asking myself dumb questions.

I looked below me, and sure enough, a man with a rifle was on the shore of a miniature island. It was maybe a three miles long, and two miles wide. It wasn't nearly as big as the Island I just left, but it certainly was big enough for a few buildings.

I turned my attention back to the man aiming for another shot at me. I dove downward, almost as fast as sound, and plunged into the salty ocean water, changing into a fish. Maybe not the brightest idea, for I ended up entangling myself in a net.

I was only a few feet below the surface of the ocean, so I turned back into the human girl I looked like when I first arrived at the Island. Good God, stop thinking of the Island!

The man stared at me in wonder, as I tried to untangle my legs from the net and stood up.

"What are you?" the man asked, eyes wide. Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, I thought about what I would tell him.

"Hi, my birth-given name is Sandra. I'm a fourteen year old girl who knows everything, can read minds, shape shift, speak with animals, communicate with people through their minds, and can sense and project emotions. The government would just call me a Super-Freak though, and I just left this Island for gifted people like me," really would not be a good introduction. Especially when this man held a rifle aimed at my head.

"What do I look like? I'm a girl." I said, going for sarcastic and hoping the people on this island weren't civilized enough to understand what a lie is. Of course, they were semi-civilized people, so I would just have to play dumb when the questions came a-flyin'.

"But you were a bird! And then a fish! How did you do it?" the man shouted. It wasn't because he was old and couldn't hear very well. It was because I was different, and he thought I might not be able to understand.

So he does what the average stupid American would (no offense... I'm not trying to insult anyone... just venting my frustration) when he's around someone unlike himself. He talks louder, and slower as if I'm mentally retarded.

"First of all, you can stop yelling. I'm right here, and I can understand you perfectly. Second of all, I was born like this. I can shape shift." I said, forgetting my plan about staying silent. "Oh, and, you can drop the gun. I'm not going to hurt you, or anyone else unless you guys try to take me hostage.

"And if you try that to get money out of people, you'd be better off killing me. No one would care if I'm gone, and no one's gonna waste money on me." I said, as the man openly gaped at me.

"Why would we, I mean I, why would I try to take you hostage?" the man asked, poorly hiding the fact that there were other people on this island.

"Don't play dumb. I know that there are other people here. And I know what this island is used for. You're lucky I don't just fly off to the United States government and report that you guys are trying to smuggle drugs into the company. Now, if you don't mind, I have to get somewhere. So, I'm going to leave. And if you try to stop me, I will incapacitate you before you can say no and yell for help. Is that clear?" I asked, stepping forward so I was only inches away from him. He towered over me, but I knew well that if I held my ground for a few seconds, he would back down.

"Oh, and, you don't remember anything," I said before I turned and shifted back into a bird. I wish there was some way I could control people. That would be wicked awesome. I wouldn't take advantage of common people, not if it could be helped. But if I could erase someone's memory of ever seeing me, that would be helpful.

I knew that fear would keep that man quiet for a while, but when he realized I was really, completely gone, he would tell the other men. That could create problems for me.

I highly doubt they would be able to track me down on their own, but if they got the government involved, they would have me in a matter of days.

I hadn't been paying attention until now, but I realized that I actually left at dawn, because the sky wasn't pitch black like I had planned on it being. I guess I had waited ten extra hours.

At least I followed my gut though, and waited for just the right moment.

The sun was high over my feathered body, and I continued to soar north towards the States.

The End

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