Yes, Thanks. (Ember)

I smiled at Seran.

"Thanks." I took one of the cookies and took a bite. My eyes instantly lit up, literally. The gold faded from my eyes and was replaced with sky blue ones. "Wow."

"Yeah, I do cooking a lot." She smiled shyly.

"You're really good at it too." This is Seran, you should try some cookies if you can. ~When I wake up.~ I was still in connection with Trixie as she slept. "Trixie will have some too when she wakes up."

"How do you know?" Seran looked up at me.

"She's a telepath and she's connected to my mind right now." I still can't tell if he had even heard you. I could go look for him. ~Ok, just be careful.~ I will. It's not like he can kill me...I learned to fight and I became a black belt. I'll be alright. I stood up. "Thank you for the cookies. I need to go find someone to help Trixie before my ankle takes revenge on my ignoring it so long." With that, I grabbed my stick and walked out.

The End

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