Seran: Cookies?

         I watched as everything took place. The explosion, everyone in the infirmary, the death of Trixie's brother, everything. A wonder what one can see when one wanders. I felt bad for Ember. Running around, Trixie hurt, me know where in sight. I went over to the infirmary. Seeing Ember I walked over and sat down. I didn't even know Trixie yet I felt like she was one of my closest friends. I always feel that way when it was a friend's friend. "Ember, will she be alright?" I asked quietly.

       "I-i don't know." She replied shakily.

       I left the room. a few minutes later I returned with three cups of water and some chocolate chip cookies. I set them on Trixie's bedside table. Then I sat down. "I thought you might want something to eat and drink. I made them about an hour ago. While you guys were busy. Please, have some." I smiled at her. She was nice to me now for me to be nice to her.

The End

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