Ash: Am I dead?!

A bright light is shines in my eyes. I squeeze my eyes shut, and open them again. In the distance I hear a piano playing, above my is baby blue and.... I squint my eyes and see angels in the distance. Light shines above me, heating up my head.

No, effin' way! I think, eyes widening. Am I effin' dead! I shoot up quickly. A little too quickly according to my head, I think as I fall back into a huge fluffy pillow.

I get up, slowly this time. What the hell is happening?! I can't be dead. I look around and see some one clung to the side of the room, "Uh, hello."

He just nods, still within the shadows and doesn't say anything.

"Am I dead?"

"Dead?" He replies, "No, not that I'm aware of."

"Oh, ok then... Where the hell am I?"

"Infermary." He says simply, coming forward. He really is quite tall. As he comes closer, I feel my hair on my hand raise and next thing, I'm a weasle.

"Well," I squeak. "This is new." The person just looks at me.


The End

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