Carter: Power

The thoughts racing through his mind came to an abrupt stop when he felt a demon vanish back to the in between place. Not quite the underworld, but not in the world of the living either. He could sense them, being so close to being entities of the underworld, but had no control over them. So when one vanished it was enough to catch his attention, let alone two simultaneously.

He'd seen some impressive power here on this island, but nothing even remotely close to that kind of power. No one new had arrived, any planes would never have landed safely with all the other demons flying around, and the boat dock was within his line of site so he was fairly sure no one could have come by boat. So then, had they been here for a while? Just not showing their true power until provoked by demons?

Those were just some of the questions going through his head as his feet moved on their own toward the place the demons had vanished. He had faded into shadow to avoid having to jump over the logs that littered the ground and didn't have to bother swatting the branches away.

No one can have that much power. No one.

The End

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