Ka-boom :Grif:


 I really can't explain it all that well, but I could definitely tell something was wrong on the island. I guess it might be something like animal intuition or instinct or something. Ever since I found my little pond and clearing I've felt more in tune with my power.

Anyway, Something in the air just didn't feel right, but I really didn't need any kind of special sense to tell me something was happening. Somewhere off in the distance something blew up like a firework.  Ever wonder why they always shoot those things so high in the air? Yea, something with that kind of force and explosive power certainly isn't meant to go off near the ground. Heck, I felt the explosion through my feet. Using my highly developed human brain I thought to myself: Hmm, usually stuff isn't supposed to explode...I should maybe probably check that out.

I morphed into something with some serious speed...okay, so I turned into a cat I once knew from back home, but I was certainly able to move faster than if I had ran as a human. Jumping over fallen branches and along decaying logs I quickly made my way to where I thought the explosion had come from. I knew I was on the right path when I started to come across smoldering bits and pieces of forest.

Wow...something, or, I guess around here, maybe someone made a big explosion.

When my feet hit the beach I knew I was close. How? The sand had been so super heated it had melted into glass. Morphing back into myself I cautiously stepped forward, the sound of glass crackling under my weight from each step. You know, I've always wondered how my clothes transformed with me between animal and human...sorry random thought.

About twenty yards into the glass beach a big crater dipped eerily into view. Peeking over the crater brim I saw a frail shape at its center.

The explosion epicenter was a person...Holy crap. Note to self, NEVER tick this person off.

Hopping the edge I gracefully slid down to the center of the hole. Yea, that's a load of crap. I hopped all right, but the graceful part was more like a semi-controlled half tumble half slide that ended up getting little glass bits and pieces all over me. Coming to a stop with something that resembled a summersault I took a look at the cause of all the ruckus. A girl with gray-ish hair, huh the color of ashes, how ironic. She was unconscious, probably from exerting herself to such a degree, he he, degree like temperature...wow, does that make me terrible person?

I gently picked her up, totally ignoring how the glass beneath her kindly sliced open my arms. Yup, I only cursed a couple of times. I'm for sure a master of handling pain. (Ow, ow, ow)

Random exploding girl in my arms, I agonizingly slowly made my way out of the little crater and started toward where I hoped the infirmary would be with the best jog I could manage.

The End

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