Ash: Trust me....

Two of them turn to me, eyes glowing. "You're not human!" I say backing away, wishing that I didn't say anything.

One steps forward, he is quite intimidating to look at, rather imposing. "Hellow." I say, gasting my senses around trying for an escape root. The intimidating one open's his mangled mouth, "But you're not human either," he says in an empty, hollow voice.

My breathing rate increses ten fold, I can honestly say that I have never felt this scared - not even when just about every person in my village tried to kill me all those months ago.

"Wha- Ho- I have no i-i-idea what you're on about," I say unconvingly.

Another male steps forward, his mouth has broken thread all around it; as if it had been cut. His voice slices through me as he says, "But you will." His eyes glow some colour which I've never seen before, as he reaches out to grab me.

Luckly for me, I am very quick. I thrust my hand forward into his gut screaming, "FIRE!" His gut combusts right there and then, all it's power enters through my hand and travels up my arm shaking it. Power as evil as Lucifer himself enters my body, crippling me.

I  fall to my knees, my head flings back as I scream blood curlding screams. Fire is flung all around me, and the evil people are burned into ash.

Then, all is black.

The End

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