What ever happened...?

"Shocking Sherlock, I never would have thought" Carter mused to himself. If she wouldn't cooperate, he'd have to resort to something a little more drastic."If she won't trust me, there's nothing I can do for her."

The shadows faded away, floating out into the air like smoke, leaving Carter standing there by Trixie's bedside staring toward the door. "All I can do is keep the horde of demons that's been circling the island for days at bay a little longer."

He made a show out of drawing his midnight black scimitar and running his finger down the back of the curved blade. "Just call my name. You know, if they get to close."

He was out of the door in a moment, fading into the trees the next, battle the furthest thing from his mind. The mention of demons had jogged his memory. What ever did happen to that mortal I saved?

The End

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