Pleasant Experience

You can swing as fast as you like girl. It'll just go right through me.

He suppressed the grin on the outside, but if she could read minds, that's what she gets for prying. He let himself fade, the shadows spreading outward from his chest. His arms fade as it continues to spread, then his wrist, then it's working its way down his fingers. But it doesn't stop there. It sends dark ripples through Trixie, her mind clearly rejecting his help. "She doesn't trust me" he said in a hollow voice, barely more than a whisper and echoing off the walls.

He brought his arms back to his sides. He turns to look at the girl that so plainly dislikes his very presence, but is willing to put up with the unease it brings if it might help her friend. It was foolish of course, to be that desperate, but if it helped him there was no reason to stop it. He had to choose his words carefully.

"If I am to help, one of two things must happen. You must convince her to trust me, or you should leave the room. Forcing shadows down someones throat is hardly a pleasant experience."

The End

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