Carter: A Thank You, Maybe?

"I think we have a misunderstanding, " Carter said smoothly. He hated having to involve other people in his plan, however minutely. Not an absence of like, not dislike, hate. But some things are unavoidable, and if he has to involve someone, it might as well be someone who already knew about him. And yet, the fact that she did know him only made him more wary.

"Your friend here, Tricky?"

"Trixie" the girls voice was calm, but unmistakably cold. A tone he'd heard all to often from his father when he had disappointed him. It was barely concealed fury. But fury made his job easier. She wouldn't be thinking straight. But even his own thoughts had the possibility of not being a haven in this place. Honesty was his only choice.

"If I was sent here to kill her, I wouldn't of just waltzed in the door like this. So why not try a little less hostility and a little more... I don't know, groveling? A thank you, maybe? 'Please mister, don't let the cold, gritty hands of the dead drag my poor injured friends soul to the underworld'?"

The End

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