Demi-god Guy (Ember)

A soft click inside my head told me we had been disconnected. Trixie! Come back! It was no use. She was gone from my mind, leaving me alone in my thoughts. I put my head in my hands and sobbed. Never before had I realized that Trixie was the only family I had. I couldn't lose her!

"Um, excuse me?" Someone opened the door and called to me, making me jump. I stopped my crying immediately.

"What?" I turned and looked at the boy who had just come in.

"Is a beach girl in here?" He looked around the room.

"If you're talking about Trixie then yes. Why?" He shrugged.

"I've just been told to find her." He looked at me and I saw his golden eyes.

"By who?" Looking deeper, I could see his exasperation with my questioning. "By your god father? Hades?"

"How did you....." He trailed off. "Never mind. I don't know, I was just told to find the beach girl."

"Hm. Well you found her. Go tell your dad. He ought to be proud." I turned away right before my eyes turned the same color of gold as his. Copycats. They do that sometimes. It gets really embarrassing sometimes because people think I do it on purpose. Trixie moved a little in her sleep and I took her hand and stroked it. Hang in there Trixie.

The End

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