Ash: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

As the sun sets over the sea, I finally decide to get up off my butt and explore. I take my shoes off and walk across the soft sand, not a soul around - at all this time.

The sand is yellow beneight my feet. Memories float back almost knocking me down, my friends and I skipping linking arms yelling at the top of our voices - none of us in tune - 'We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.' Tears skip out of the corners of my eyes.

I shake myself, the tears already evaporated on my face, I grit my teeth and move on. The waves come closer as the tide comes in, it tickles my feet, I giggle and roll my jeans up to my knees. I pick up a stick and drag it in the sand leaving a tiny trench in the ground, I spin around letting go of the stick as it flys into the sea.

I pull my purple flannel shirt off and tie it around my waist, the humidity in the air clings to my long hair. I tie my hair up into a pony tail, my arms bare in my black tank top.

I throw my converses onto the dry sand, scoop up the water. I narrow my eyes and it boils in my hands making it safe, I drink it in a single gulp. I get up pull on the shoes and go into the over grown forest. Talk about being out of one's element.

I stomp through the forest, SLAP! A vine falls in front me and slaps me square across my face. "OW!" I yell, rubbing my stinging cheek. "Trust you, Ash." I say sarcastically. I come out the other side and end up at a different beach. Where the sun's rising (?!).  

The End

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