Ash: A close shave.

I sea is mesmerising. The sound of the waves moving to a fro, over the cobled beach. No one around not a soul, I lift my head up the bright sun beating down from the heavens, a dark figure swoops above me, I tilt my head to the side to try and see the figure. My eyes widen as I see a small white bomb fall. Oh no!  I jump out the way to see the poop splat on the floor.

I don't want to, but I can't help but laugh out loud. The bird thing flies off into the sun. The poo really smells, like really bad. I laugh again, getting up and looking around. I flex me fingers and set the poop a light. It goes up like an extremally small atomic bomb.

This makes me laugh harder and fall on the laughing. You know what they say, I think to myself, small things entertain small minds... Or bored one's.  I sigh, stopping the laughter and stare out to sea again.

How am I going to get back?

The End

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