Carter: Beach Girl

You must, rasped the voice of Hades. The fire was still glowing beside him, the black smoke from the goat and bluejay he'd killed as offerings still spiraling into the air.

"But I do not understand!" Carter yelled, facing the flames.

I do not ask of you to understand, Hades said patiently. Merely to do.

The fire went out, leaving him alone with the trees, squirrels and the slow trickle of a river. He could have at least told me which direction she'd be in, he thought. I mean, 'the girl on the island' is hardly specific.

There was the panic squeak of a bird somewhere near him up in the canopy of trees, and then a rock landed a few feet to his left. To anyone else it would have seemed an odd coincidence, but not to Carter. His father was god of the underworld, and since almost all rocks come from below the surface of the ground, that puts almost all rocks in his fathers domain. This one should be no exception.

It took him no more then ten minutes to clear the woods, and just as he emerges from behind a tall pine, he's greeted by the faint glow of a window. However, it was the dark shapes behind it that had his attention. He'd seen both of those girls before. The one with the strange hair, and the girl who always stands on the beach. The beach girl looked like she'd gotten on the bad side of a blender.

Well, I guess that's her then. Still don't see why a demon would be interested in her though. Wonder what her power is?

The End

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