Fly Into the Sun (Sandra)

The sky was glowing pink now, and the sun was starting to set. In a matter of minutes, I could fly away from the Island. Well, I could do it now, but--

WOAH! What was that? This thing just flew past me, almost knocking me out of the sky!

Oh... It was just a girl. I circled closer to get a better look at the girl who was semi stuck in the sand.


I can't see (by 'see' I mean I can't figure out anything about her) her. Oh well. I guess there's those few odd people with natural blocks against what these Islanders call my "talent". I can still read her mind though, but I'm trying to tune out the many mind-signals so as not to intrude.

Oh well...

I circled up again, soaring even higher. I could fly into the sun like that one Greek mythology character did until his waxy wings melted. I don't remember the name, nor do I care.

The sky was now turning a deep blue. Good. It was almost time for me to leave.

I'm not entirely sure what moment I was waiting for, but I felt I had to wait for just the right moment. It was... I'm not sure. It's hard to explain how I know it, but I know that I do.

If that makes sense...


Well, all I really can do right now is wait for that right moment to leave this Island.

The End

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