At the pond [Grif]

From out of the jungle brush someone raced into the little clearing and dived straight into the small pond I was lounging by. Ever since my first couple of days at the Island I felt somewhat out of place with everyone else. So, one day, I just up and left and started trekking out into the jungle. Before going too far I found a quaint little pond in a nice open clearing and so I called it my second home and haven't strayed far since.

So basically, it was a pretty big shock when from out of no-where a girl just dives into my little pond.

SPLASH...I think that was Ember. Uhh, okay then. So I guess it's normal now to randomly dive into any ponds you find. Eh, who am I to say what's normal or not on an island of gifted teens. I waited awhile to say hi or something when she popped up but she just stayed beneath the surface. I waited some more figuring at some point or another she might need to come up for air, but Ember just stayed under.

Hmm. Well, there's enough space in the clearing for two people at once. I think I'll just continue to lay around for awhile.

The End

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