Dirty Little Secrets (Sandra)

Wow... So much attention after the hurricane. I'm not used to this much attention. I don't like it all that much. No, I don't like it.

I'm locking myself in my room to avoid it as much as possible. I understand that new kids are very common lately, and that the kids that have been on the Island just want to welcome us and let us feel like we belong here. But, I've kind of gotten the spot light. And it's not very flattering on me.

I highly doubt that anyone will notice that I won't be hanging around the Island as much. Not for a while, anyway. Then, in a few days at the most, I should be ready to come back out.

I also realize that now may not be the right time to hide, being Trixie and Kayla have some serious injuries. I'm no future-teller, well, not yet anyway... Who knows what power I'll develop next? Anyway, I'm no future-teller but I'm certain that they'll live.

I'm wondering now if leaving wouldn't be the easiest option still... Maybe hiding in my room is... well...

I'm the only one on this Island that can really keep a secret... Would my secret perhaps destroy the Island?

As cold and stony as I may possibly seem, I do care about these people. I've felt more at home here, despite the excessive attention, more than anywhere else. I couldn't face it if... No.

I'm not going to think like that. I'll leave on the next plane, and nobody will know until I'm gone.

I won't have to face the good-byes I'm sure to hate.

What if I didn't take a plane or a helicopter. I really don't need any of my things. I could leave them here, and just... fly.

That may be safer yet. Who knew how long it would be before I ran out of time... I can't afford to run out of time. Not when I'm here.


I could come back someday, right? I could... I will. But only after this is over.

It's only 8:00 A.M. right now. I can rest up, leave a note saying that I can't stay here anymore, that I'm sorry, and then fly out at midnight.

Yeah... That's what I'll do.

Shifting into something more comfortable, I slid under the covers of my bed and let sleep claim me, so that I had all the rest I could get before I left tonight.



**Note:: I want someone to add a follow up, but don't say anything about Sandra unless it's just that you haven't seen her around. Thanks.


The End

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