Artemis: You have horrible luck!

I saw an oppourtunity and as the man thrust the knife into Kayla I lunged for it. I got the handle, pulled it out and healed Kayla with the wind. I turned to see the man holding my sword, which I dropped.

"Venti, fade."

Instantly, my sword faded and disappeared. The man was scared, frightened. Terror was painted on his face.

"I shall enjoy this."

I walked over to the man, made him paralyzed by using the wind. Then, I repeatedly stabbed him with Kaze Surudoi. Then, as I let him fall, I bent down to feel his pulse; there was none. Then, I took Kayla to the infirmirary.

"Stay here while I go do something."

I left and walked out to the beach.

"Kaze Surudoi, fade back to your owner."

Instantly, the knife began to turn to rust, then it blew away in the wind. I then walked back to the infirmirary to see Kayla.

The End

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