Trixie: Remembering

I remembered pain then suddenly I felt nothing... I was in a green meadow. It looked very familer. I was younger, maybe about three. I saw a boy older than me walking toward me. He had one light blue eye and one dark eye. I walked over to him and gave him a hug.

"Big brother guess what?" I said as he picked me up

"What is it Trix?" he spun me around

"I've found my power! Right now I'm hearing your thoughts!" The three year old me exlaimed.

Then it became dark and the man was gone. I found myself in an alley way. "Big brother!" I called scared then I heard someone talking.

I moved slightly then pain shot through my entire body. What was going on?

"Whoa there Trix." someone said placing an arm gently on my shoulder "You're not in good condition to be moving." Just then I blacked out again.

The End

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