Kayla: Fainted

I got up to see Ember laying on the ground.  Holy! I picked her up and put her on the bed.  I walked out the door and saw a few doctors talking but they stopped when they heard me.  

"Miss, you have to get back in your room and rest.  You lost allot of blood and you have some very bad injuries." One of them said looking at me concerningly. 

I ignored this though, "My friend, Ember, she passed out." I pointed to my room as they walked in to check it out.  When they had gone in there I started to run to the exit.  I was in so much pain but i didn't care.  I ran out to see Artemis and the one who cut me fighting.  I saw a tree near the dead one and lifted it with my wind and swung it into him knocking him over and pinning it under him.  Woah, I don't think I should do that again for a while.  My head hurt allot now too.  Artemis started to walk over to him and I joined. 

"Give me the knife." Artemis said.

The dead one painted a few times before speaking. "Gladly." and with that he pierced it through my leg.

The End

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