Artemis: You...

I ran quickly, faster than Kayla, she would catch up. After a while I saw the bright colors indicating that Ember was there. I ran faster, then, I saw him.

He had one dark blue eye and one light blue eye. He was clothed in a rugged suit, that was missing a tie and a few buttons. He had a scar over his left eye. And in his hand, he held a knife that was well known all over the wind communities. My eyes widened.

"Kaze Surudoi!"

Ember stopped and looked at me funny.


"All the weapons of the wind are named with Japanese names, he has the sharp wind or Kaze Surudoi. It is a legend amongst the brotherhood of the wind."

The man looks at me.

"So, you know of my blade, will you be able to handle it?"


At this my sword appeared.

No one will know it's true name except me.

"Oh, so you have one too. Who did you steal it off of?"

My eyes widen.

He stole it, he stole the Kaze Surudoi!

"If you stole it, then I shall take it back."

At this, he and I began battling. Me using my wind abilities and my sword, and him simply using his knife.

Kaze Surudoi is an infinitly sharp blade. Made for cutting the smallest things without disturbing the universe. It was able to release thousands of particles of energy simply by cutting an atom. It is truly a good thing he does not know it's true power.

The End

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