Kayla: Who Are You?

The second Artemis had brought me into the hospital someone took me to a small room immediately.  I was placed on the bed as someone started to tend to my wounds.   What the heck had happened to me?! I soon fell asleep thinking about this.  My dreams just replayed what had happened to me but I could barely see anything. 

When I awoke I knew I had only been asleep for half an hour to an hour so I got up and walked out to the lobby.  I expected to see Artemis there but the only one there was a girl looking really worried.  

"Uhm, Did you see a guy in here maybe an hour ago?" I asked 

"Uh, yeah he ran out after I brought my friend in." She said looking at me, "Oh my gosh did you get attacked to?!" 

I didn't have time to talk I ran out the doors as the nurses yelled at me to come back.  I went running in the direction I thought I had awoken with the bodies around me.  

"Hello Kayla." Said a deep harsh voice.

I turned around to see a man standing there with one dark blue eye and one light blue. 

"Who are you?" I asked.

The End

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