Lialeshka- Hmm...

I decided that since I had nothing better to do I'd follow Artemis as he carried Kayla to the infermery, although I really didn't think I could do anything useful...I shadowed them, invisible, for a while but then relized that it probably would be best if I put my little anti-magic shell up, as I'd hate to randomly teleport somewhere else.  Not that anyone here would probably miss me, I mean I had yet to meet most everyone.  At least I asumed that Kayla and Artemis weren't the only people on the island, or had they said that there were others?  I couldn't remember my mind doesn't exactly work well in the morning.  Morning is defined by less that 2 hours after I get up, or about 3 hours after I wake up.  I shook my head to clear it from these weird thoughts.  Then I matieralized my little bubble, which caused me to appear rather suddenly, but I don't think anyone noticed, as the only people around, Artemis and Kayla, were heading rather urgently to the infermery.  Actually Artemis was carrying Kayla, but still....same priciple applies.  I continued to follow them, although I was not sure why, or if I even had a reason.  I did know that I intended to keep following them until one of the following two things occured.  One, they told me to stop following them.  Two, I found some one else to follow.  When we got to the infermery, I think they had probably forgotten about me, as they, while Artemis anyway, had the important matter of saving Kayla foremost in his mind.  After we had been there, at the infermery, just a little bit of time, or was it a hour?  I can't really tell time without a clock of some kind, so ever since I lost my cell phone the only really solid measure of time I can use whenever is day and night, and while that is not exactly very useful.  I shook my head again, I really don't think well in the morning.  Suddenly two girls burst in, one carrying the other over her shoulder.  That is when I relized we couldn't have been her very long if we were still visible from the entrance.  I wondered what they were doing here, the island, not the infermery, as that one was pretty obvious.  I sighed and wondered if anyone would notice if I just went back to sleep.  I carefully checked my nice bubble and made sure it was still there, then I kind of slumped against the wall, thinking sleepy thoughts.

The End

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