Him?! (Ember)

I watched as Seran left, bumping into Trixie on the way.

"Oh... um. Sorry Trixie." She walked around Trixie after saying, "Really. I'm sorry."

"It's fine. Don't worry about it." Trixie smiled at her before she walked away. Trixie sat down next to me.

"Lots of new people this year." I looked out at the ocean.

"Yep. It used to be just me and sometimes you." I laughed at that.

"I only come here when Summer comes and when I bother the government." I stood. "Well, I'm going to wander the jungle."

"Alright see ya later then." Trixie started playing with the sand.

"See ya." I walked off towards the jungle. A few minutes after I started into the jungle, Trixie screamed. Trixie!  I turned at ran back to the beach. A man was holding her by the neck, cutting her with a dagger. He looked up at me with his strange eyes. One light blue, one dark one. I stopped dead in my tracks. "Not you." He laughed evilly.

"Yes me. Once I'm done with her, I'm going to kill all of you freaks." He laughed again.

"No you're not." I looked him dead in the eyes. "Let her go and come and fight me." Time I spoiled my secret. Fighting.

"You can't beat me. But I would love to kill you." He dropped Trixie who just lay there gasping. He walked toward me.

"Try me." Little bit closer...NOW!! I ran to the side and used my stick to whack the man across the back of his head.

"OW!!!!" He yelled out in pain, but still not defeated. "Just a lucky shot." He pulled out another dagger. He came faster now. No problem, just work a little faster as well. He struck, but only wood and sand. I hit him even harder, causing his head to start bleeding. He was getting mad. He slashed and my ankles, but just hit my cast on the right.

"You know, I did have to get that replaced today. Thanks for making it worse." I smacked the back of his knees, making them buckle. I gave him one last whack on the head, knocking him out. I walked over to Trixie and lifted her off the ground, putting her arm over my shoulder and hauled her to the infirmary.

The End

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