Lialeshka-Ok that was weird...

I had been wandering down the beach and had accidently let my bubble drop when i was found by some nice people who said their names were Kayla and Artemis.  I  introduced myself to them and they offered to show me around.  Then my super annoying random teleportation power went off and to them it looked like I dissapeared.  Luckly I didn't go to far and they soon found me again.  I appologized and tried to explain, although I didn't say much, just that my power did that sometimes.  Then as they were walking me towards the dorm, Kayla like seriously disapeared!  Now I'm not really in a position to point fingers at people for randomly disapearing but that was just weird.  I still didn't have my bubble up so I had gone invisible, and I really wasn't sure if I wanted it to turn off or not.  It was all a blur and I guess I might not have paid the best attention, but when it was over the beach, and Kayla, who had like reapeared or something, were covered in blood.  Kayla managed to find Artemis and hugged him, crying.  Something very weird is happening on this island, and I don't think that I like it.

The End

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