Kayla: From Down in A Basment to My Room

I was down in the basement of somebuilding.  The door leading up completaly blocked off.  The building started to shake and all the holes were fixed and the building was completaly straight again.  Huh, that was kind of weird, but weird was becoming to be my normal.  I had been down there a while and soon sleep took over.  It wasn't a bad sleep, it was actually peaceful.  I dreamt about nothing in particular at all just random things like pie and birds and strange weird things like that. 

I awoke wrapped in bed sheets and pillows surronding me.  Last I checked I was down in a basement hiden in the darkness.  Somehow, now, I was laying in my bed in the dark.  There was no usual light from the moon and stars, just utter darkness.  Suddenly someone placed a hand on my shoulder as I let out a loud ear piercing scream.

The End

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